Scott Terry, Pastor

The Terry Family
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I would love for you to meet my family. Julie and I have been married for 24 years and she still loves me. That's no small feat. She is a loving wife, a great mom and a hard worker. The boys and I are blessed to have her. We have two sons, Sam and Jacob. Sam is a sophomore at U. Maine studying chemical engineering and economics. Jacob is a senior at Scarborough High School and loves long distance running. God has been kind to us on all fronts and we love the time we spend together as family.

I talk a lot about Christ Fellowship being a "gospel-driven" church plant. Here's why. As a kid, I grew up thinking I was a Christian because my family went to church every Sunday. If you knew me in high school or college you would have instantly known that I was not a Christian. You would have called me a hypocrite and you would have been right. It wasn't until I was 30 years old that Julie and I visited a new church and I heard the gospel. God was pleased to convict me of my sin and hypocrisy and lead me to saving faith in Jesus Christ. That's why I love the gospel.

I've been in full-time ministry for over ten years. I have served as a minister of evangelism, an associate pastor and most recently as a church planter in residency at The NETS Institute for Church Planting located in Vermont. We moved to Maine in 2010, bought a house and we're sinking deep roots. Now I have the great pleasure of being the pastor of Christ Fellowship.

We are excited about planting Christ Fellowship Church. Church planting is a long process and we're here for the rest of our lives. God has blessed us with a great core group of people and a building in which to meet. I want to invite you to join us. I hope you will find this web site useful. We will work hard to keep it fresh and timely. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Christ Fellowship,  please call me.

Come worship with us this Sunday at 10am  --Scott