Christ Fellowship Today: Worship at CFC on Good Friday

Hi, I’m Scott Terry. Welcome to Christ Fellowship Today.

Good Friday is an unlikely phrase to describe the day in which a good man was killed by evil men in a cruel way. So, when this phrase is used to describe the unjust, torturous death of the innocent man, Jesus, it must be pointing to something more.

Could it be that persevering in the righteousness of God, even in the face of death, is something more, than just preserving one’s life? Would one man’s sacrifice, if it would bring life to a countless number of people, be a good thing? Could it be that the glory of a Father who would send His own Son to rescue His enemies from death; could it be that that glory is something more? If someone would suffer and die in your place, If someone could pay the penalty for your sins for you, And if He did it, would you consider Him to be a good thing?

Come hear; hear good things about Jesus Christ from the Scriptures at Christ Fellowship Church. His life, His death, His resurrection. And the life He gives to those who truly believe in Him. Join us at 10 am this Palm Sunday (3/20), and next Easter Sunday (3/27). And we want to especially invite you to our worship gathering on Good Friday (3/25) at 7 pm. You can learn more about us and check out our schedule here on our website.