Christ Fellowship Today: Worship at CFC this Easter Sunday

Hi, I’m Scott Terry at Christ Fellowship Today wishing you a Happy Easter.

This Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, despite our struggle with unbelief. The first disciples of Jesus were the same way.

Despite Jesus’ teaching them that He must suffer, be killed, be buried, and on the third day rise from the dead, they just couldn’t believe it. On the third day the women actually went to Jesus’ tomb to embalm His body, with no thought that His dead body wouldn’t be there. Angels had to instruct the women to go and tell His disciples that the tomb was empty. And when Peter and the others heard the news, they called it nonsense and would not believe.

Nonetheless, Jesus’ disciples, some within moments, some within hours, some within days, would celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, despite their unbelief.

All of us need help with our unbelief. Come and see the body of Jesus Christ, in His Word, by His Spirit, at Christ Fellowship Church. The gospel is the gift of God that overcomes our unbelief. Join us at 10:00am this Easter Sunday. And for our special Good Friday worship gathering, this Friday at 7:00pm. And have a Happy Easter!