Check out our 2016 Easter Sermon Series, "He Is Risen"

Our 2016 Easter Sermon Series, "He Is Risen", will be taken from a series of scenes in Luke's gospel. And they flow like this....

Palm Sunday is "a lamentable scene: The Judge Is Judged" from Luke 23:26-32, 39-43.

Good Friday is "a dark scene: The Innocent Is Mocked" from Luke 23:33-38, 44-49.

Easter Sunday is "a promised scene: The Resurrection Is Nonsense" from Luke 24:13-48. Read the passage to see who thinks the resurrection is nonsense, and I think you'll get the idea.

We'll follow-up with a look at Jesus' ascension the first Sunday in April, "a heavenly scene: The Ascension Is Witnessed" from Acts 1:1-11.

I'm greatly looking forward to this series and I'm already prayig that God will use it to increase our appreciation for is grace, grow our love for Jesus our Savior, and even create new scenes in our lives in which we boldly share the good news of the gospel with our friends families and neighbors.