Christ Fellowship Today: Worship at CFC this Palm Sunday

Hi, I’m Scott Terry. Welcome to Christ Fellowship Today.

This Sunday is called Palm Sunday, in remembrance of Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. He was greeted with loud cheers of “Hosanna. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.” And the people waved palm branches, and carpeted His path with them.

But Jesus was doing far more than entering the gates of the city. Jesus, without stopping at the city gates, went straight through the Temple gates, which was no small thing. The Son of God had entered the Temple of God, His rightful place. In doing so, He triggered a series of actions that He himself had predicted; His people would reject Him and put Him to death. And, He would arise from the dead.

What Jesus did has powerful implications for everyone who has ever lived; for me and for you.

Come learn; learn about Jesus Christ from the Scriptures at Christ Fellowship Church. His life, His death, His resurrection. And the life He gives to those who truly believe in Him. Join us at 10 am this Palm Sunday (3/20), and next Easter Sunday (3/27). And we want to especially invite you to our worship gathering on Good Friday (3/25). For details check out our calendar.